striving for more


Samata is built on the following core values that serve as the lens we look through to determine how we operate our business.  We are constantly looking for opportunities to reflect these values in our business practices and BE BETTER as an organization.  

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We are committed to investing in our local community. We believe in the communities where we live, learn and work and we are dedicated to helping them BE BETTER. We support these efforts through our SPARK program, providing employees paid time for volunteer opportunities, and involvement in mentorship and outreach. We recognize that a healthy community with access to education, alternative transportation, and outdoor spaces will lead to a stronger workforce that can meet the challenges of the future. 

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"We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children". This ancient Indian proverb embodies how we approach sustainability at Samata. We are committed to practices that consider the environmental, economic and social impacts on the planet and our community. Our best practices include sourcing locally for our business needs, operating as paperless as possible and bike commuting to meetings. In addition to minimizing our waste and reducing energy and water consumption around the office, we strive to create a healthy and vibrant workplace that increases engagement, fosters collaboration and fuels productivity. We believe that investing in our employees and supporting them with flexible hours, career development programs, and wellness benefits is essential to building a sustainable business. 

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We believe that working in a connected, open and inquisitive environment is the best way to achieve a successful project and an engaging workplace. By using effective communication and working together towards a common goal, we can provide more comprehensive solutions and greater value to our clients. Samata encourages active participation, productive discussion and creative thinking to insure we understand our client’s vision and consider a variety of design approaches for achieving it. We enjoy working on projects with collaborative delivery methods including IPD and CPD, but we look at every project as an opportunity to collaborate.