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Mailing area and community center at 72Foster building

Building a better, smarter, more inclusive world

Samata Consulting Engineers

Founded on the principle of balance

We offer comprehensive electrical engineering services informed by equity, expertise, and balance.


Balance combines industry knowledge and technical expertise with relationships built on trust. Balance merges hard work and dedication with community service and the bonds of family. Balance promotes sustainability, and generates spaces where everyone feels welcome. 

Samata Consulting Engineers team reviewing documents

Redefining traditional roles

We know that when we come together, engage with curiosity, and welcome diverse perspectives into the process, we’re able to build deeper relationships with clients and project partners—offering value in exciting, unexpected ways.

We have worked with Samata on countless projects. At the end of the day, this industry is all about collaboration, and Jenny and her team always approach challenges with a positive attitude, ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work on successful outcomes. We look forward to many more projects together!”

Design Manager

Andersen Construction

Samata Principal, Jenny Streb, working at her computer

Our Services

Utility Coordination

Building and Site Power Distribution

Interior and Exterior Lighting and Controls Systems

Alternate Power Systems for Emergency and Standby

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

Metering Systems to track energy usage of building loads, support energy management, and load shedding for participation in demand response programs

Building community

We believe that true leadership in electrical engineering is more than power and profit, more than following the status quo or winning the most work. It is about harnessing your mission along with the talents of your team in service of elevating the entire community.


With a wider focus on community over competition, and by working with like-minded clients and consultants in a connected, open, inquisitive, and collaborative environment, we can elevate the built environment and transform our world.

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